Monthly Giving

monthly giving

As I have mentioned many times in writing this blog, I have been extremely blessed to receive many donations over the years thanks to  It has been through this organization that I have been able to teach my students in the ways that they truly deserve.  Every donation overwhelms me; I cannot believe there are so many generous people in the world.

Because of the graciousness of so many others, The Autism Vault has started a monthly incentive to donate to one classroom project per month.  This is open to readers of my blog that use Donors Choose to receive classroom donations.  You may submit as many projects as you like for consideration.  Although this incentive will be open to all classrooms, I will be giving preference to classrooms that meet the criteria below.

-high poverty/over 75% reduced lunch

-special education self-contained classrooms

If you would like to be considered, please fill out this Google Form.  You may submit more than one project per month to be considered.

Applications will be accepted from the 1st to the 20th of the month.  Projects will be chosen and donated to by the 25th of the month.  If you are not chosen during the current month, you may apply the same project(s) the following month.

Any questions?  Feel free to email me at

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